Video Work

Inspired by the provisional and handmade aesthetic of early cinema, these videos are loosely based on popular science fiction films and nature documentaries. They are meant to both stand alone as discrete works and to be imbedded into installations and sculptures. Rough-hewn, humerous, and intentionally embracing the possibility of failure, all videos are considered in-progress.

Good News From Outer Space
Stop motion animation
1 min, 9 sec
Based on the filmic tropes of science fiction and research into the historic aesthetic self-contextualization of feminist, civil rights, LGBTQ, and incarcerated political groups, this work loosely depicts a 'spaceship' coming to Earth and transmitting messages of hope. Music by the magnificent Andrew Ranaudo.
Mushroom Cyclops Protest Sign
Stop motion animation
5 Min, 19 sec
Mushroom Cyclops Protest Sign is a short narrative stop motion video that was shot on a model landscape and tells a story in the form of laboratory notes. While being observed by unseen but omnipresent “scientists,” a ruined planetary surface is bathed with rays of dark and light emanating from a mysterious but tender spacecraft. The light awakens the dormant Mushroom Cyclops Protest Sign, which emerges from the landscape, casts a gleaming eye back at the observers, and begins cycling through messages of collective action, activating the planet’s surface with movement and sound.
Living Earth
Iphone Video
36 sec
Stop motion animation
3 min, 45 sec
This piece was created in collaboration with Andrew Ranaudo and Nicole Brancato, the classically-trained piano duo, 2Squared, who create two-hand piano performances based on historical research. This work is being created for exhibition as well as to accompany performances by the duo,

The musical score is by Futurist composer Alfredo Casella’s Pupazzeti and performed for four hands. While Casella’s related work, Pagine di Guerra (Pages of War), directly references the effects of WW I, Pupazetti follows a similar format, but is a more playful series of five cinematic pieces written for puppets. The installation/set under construction is made of previous sculptural works that have been intentionally destroyed and rebuilt in a way that shows the hand in making. This process, which shows both the effects of destruction and the details of careful reworking, reflects Casella’s use of experimental form to explore a broad range of emotional and conceptual themes. Intended to juxtapose a potentially bright future with past struggles, the building process, like Pupazetti, is sprawling and provisional.
Getting Large Eye
Hand drawn stop motion animation
12 sec, shown on a loop
This animation is based on what can be seen through closed eyes during meditation. It explores the relationship between human physiology and spiritual 'visions.' This piece was created as part of After Lebbeus, A Model for Drawing for the "Open Sessions" exhibition at the Drawing Center (New York, NY)
Hand drawn stop motion animation
11 sec, shown as a loop
This is a short animation based on Zizek's lecture, "The Reality of the Virtual". The audio of Zizek speaking has been replaced by Thrush song.
Hand drawn stop motion animation
22 sec, shown as a loop
Hand drawn animation based on a Gilles Deleuze lecture, Deleuze's voice has been replaced by humpback whale song
All Who Love
Hand drawn stop motion animation
22 sec, shown as a loop
This animation is based on a 1945 Jean Painleve' fim called Le' Vampire. The creaturel pictured is a tiny bat that has been filmed in a glass terrarium.
Goodbye 20th Century
Hand drawn stop motion animation
This video is based on a scene from a David Attenborough nature documentary in which a deer is filmed with infrared light while walking in a completely dark cave. The original unpublished video contains audio of Steve Reich's Composition for Three Microphones performed by Sonic Youth.